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I am helping women get stronger, more focused, and more deliberate about what they want out of their careers.

Whether you’re a part-time entrepreneur at home, senior level executive, or an emerging leader, you can develop your influence and create the career you love. This site exists to provide the support and tools you need to grow as a successful, purposeful, and committed leader.

Let's Get Moving!

Let’s Move

Fired up women leaders are a force for good for all business!

It’s a fact: Companies with a healthy percentage of women in key leadership positions outperform their competitors, consistently!

Elizabeth Jende Chevalier is equipping more women to take their seat at the table through executive leadership coaching, passionate keynote messages, and practical digital resources.

Join us and unlock your leadership potential

Candid And Bold

Elizabeth knows we are all overloaded with information and hectic schedules. She removes the fluff and gets to the point with information that matters. She is very comfortable discussing the subjects many tend to shy away from. If you are not comfortable with a straight shooter her messages may not be for you. If so…get ready.


Elizabeth knows what it is like to struggle with money, loneliness and self-doubt. She has experienced the impact of negative self-talk and she knows what loving and respecting herself first can do for one’s life and thus weaves this message throughout all of her work. She often shares some of her greatest struggles and darkest moments with her audiences…this is what makes her real to those who know her and work with her.

Unbending Determination

Sometimes one may confuse her passion with a bull dog’s tenacity or stubbornness. For as long as she has been working (since age 15) Elizabeth has been bold and outspoken for what is right for employees and for women. Having watched her mother raise six children alone, on a minimum wage budget and a grandmother who raised 9 children alone, and being a single mom for many years herself and starting over with very little, she is on fire to move women forward—she has said: “I cannot not do this- It is what I am her for”

Experienced and Resourceful

If there is a need, there is a way or another person who can” is Elizabeth’s motto. She has over 20 years of personal and professional experiences, relationships and experts that she leverages in order to bring to you the best information possible. Elizabeth is known as an innovative and futuristic thinker. When developing or creating something she will often use the phrases …”what if we”… or “why not do”… with her.


Watch out sales industry!

“I learned more about myself in the few hours that I spent with you than I have in my 40 years on earth! I am now so much more confident in being able to “close” on myself! Watch out sales industry, here I come!

— J.S

I’m empowered and ready

“It is so refreshing to have the chance to speak with someone so committed to and passionate about helping women to empower themselves. I learned so much from you.”

— Lena

The direction I needed

“Elizabeth, I know that our sessions will not last forever. Thank you for all of your support over the last couple of years. Your advice, recommendations and empathy have been very helpful!”

— Laurie

The best part – Because we work with women at all levels of leadership, by connecting with us you’ll be brought into a vast network of phenomenal women in leadership. Their collective wisdom can help expedite your journey. Get equipped for your next level.